Monday, December 21, 2009

New Ride

Bryan nor I got a new car, but Marlie did! When my parents were here for Bryan's change of command, they decided to give Marlie her Christmas present early. I think she was in shock when she saw her new Barbie jeep for the first time. Our neighbor's son has a similar jeep so M was familiar with how they work. I just think she didn't know what to do with one of her own. They have a real radio so she has been content to sit in it and just listen to the radio for the most part.
Last week I got a few pictures of M & her friend Kaylee going for a ride. K didn't mind doing the driving but she likes it hands free. I'd get them set up on a good straight path and they'd cruise until I had to turn them around in the other direction.
Thanks Nana & Pop!

Notice M's feet in this picture

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The Tooles said...

I made the Spinach/artichoke ring and it was a BIG hit. It was gone in less than 10 minutes and many people wanted the recipe. Thanks for the was delicious!