Thursday, January 07, 2010

My Birthday

In the middle of all the Christmas craziness, I celebrated my 29th birthday. We actually began the day by allowing Marlie to have some fun of her own. Our neighbor friends came over and the girls made their own edible snowmen using the leftovers from the unit Christmas party.

Marlie, Abigail & Kaylee are so proud of their snowmen!

Enjoying their creations

I had hoped to go to a place that I had heard a lot about for my birthday dinner -Patti's Settlement
. Since my birthday was on a Monday I wasn't too worried about fighting a crowd. Well I was wrong! When I called on Monday morning the only reservation they still had left was at 8:30 that night! Since Patti's is about an hour away, that was too late for us. Hopefully we'll have a chance to go there eventually. I ended up settling for Red Lobster. It's not my favorite restaurant in the area but it worked well for us that night.
I managed to get a quick picture with M before we left the house.

I LOVE ice cream cakes so Bryan got me one from Baskin Robbins. Marlie was more than happy to help me eat it! My family was also sweet enough to get me some nice gifts. My parents gave me an Amazon gift card - which I hope to use to buy a hydration belt for running. Bryan & Marlie gave me a few undergarments and a GPS watch. I actually needed and really wanted both of these things!

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The Tooles said...

Happy Birthday! I can't belive you mentioned Patti's Settlement. Justin and I pass the brown sign for it every year on the way home to GA. We are always curious what it is. Can you shed some light?