Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy 29th Birthday!

Tuesday was Bryan's 29th birthday! I just went back and looked at the post from his birthday last year. As you will see, there are quite a few similarities! The most exciting thing about his birthday was that it's the 2nd one in a row we got to spend together. We already know that he will be gone next year so we try to make the most of the special occasions that we are able to celebrate with one another.
Just like last year, Bryan wanted to grill steaks for dinner. He also requested that I make broccoli casserole and apple & cheese casserole to go with the steaks. He made some good choices because the dinner was really good.
Bryan also asked me to make him one of my Nana's (secret recipe) coconut cakes for his birthday cake. The recipe calls for frozen coconut and I have not been able to find any here in Clarksville. On my last trip to Greensboro, I bought some frozen coconut and brought it back up here with me!
Apparently Marlie was excited about the cake too. When I sat it on the table in front of Bryan, she leaned over and took a bite out of it!

We gave Bryan a Kindle for his birthday.
There was nothing that he asked for but with the upcoming deployment, I thought he may enjoy one. He can download books wirelessly and read them on this compact device when he has some downtime.

We had planned on having some of our neighbors over for birthday cake to help us celebrate. However, when Marlie woke up from her nap that afternoon, she was running a fever. Our friends didn't end up coming over so that they could be spared from catching whatever Marlie's body was trying to fight. I felt bad that we didn't have more of a celebration for Bryan, but he actually enjoys keeping things low key.
B - We love you and hope you had a wonderful 29th birthday!

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Erin Duvall said...

Happy 29th Bryan. When is he deploying?