Monday, March 22, 2010

Another Deployment

I briefly mentioned this in Bryan's birthday post but have yet to share any more information. Since I was asked about it, I thought I should post what we know. Bryan will be going on his 3rd deployment late this summer. That means that the next few months will be chaotic! Bryan will be in the field, then going to Ft Polk for more training, then block leave before they depart. We are not looking forward to yet another year apart, but this is Bryan's job and we all know this is part of it.
Here is a link to the official press release in the Fort Campbell newspaper.
4th BCT Deployment Announced


The Tooles said...

Not sure what to say...I know it flat out stinks, but I am glad to hear you are trying to keep a "glass half full" attitude about the deployment. You are strong, independent and one busy lady, so I know you will be just fine. And something tells me Miss M will keep you on your toes...Brian might be broke when he returns if M keeps stealing all his money=)

Holly Bailey said...

Please know that I am and will be here for whatever you need!