Friday, April 09, 2010

Spring Break

Marlie is on spring break this week so we took a trip to the zoo on Tuesday. Our neighbors joined us, so my friend & I had 4 little girls between us. I thought a weekday morning would be a nice time to visit the zoo, but I think every school in Nashville must have been on a field trip there. After seeing the animals the girls were excited to play on the Jungle Gym. Here are Marlie & Kaylee wearing themselves out!

That night when I was rocking Marlie before bedtime, she said the sweetest thing: "I had good day with my friends. You're best mommy." That just melted my heart! These days when Bryan is gone and I'm a "single" parent can get very challenging. Hearing words like that though make it all worth it!


Ashley said...

Isnt she as sweet as pie! Its those moments that stick with you forever.

Katiebell said...

Aww..SO sweet! Love the pic of them looking at each other too.