Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Vacation - St Augustine Beach

We are back from vacation/block leave and of course I have lots of pictures. I'll start with the first part of our trip.
We left Campbell on Friday, the 18th and arrived in Georgia late that night. We did some running around on Saturday and then hit the road again Sunday morning. We drove from Georgia to St Augustine Beach, Florida for an overnight stay.
This has become Marlie's preferred way to nap in the car.

We arrived in St Augustine by mid afternoon so we went straight to the beach!

Marlie LOVED playing in the sand!

Since it was our first trip to the beach this year, I wasn't sure how she'd feel about the waves. She was all about the water too though!

We read great reviews about a local restaurant called Matanzas Innlet Restaurant. Unfortunately, the service wasn't as great as the view.

Marlie & I did a little dancing while we were waiting on our food.

Bryan took these pictures from our table.

Marlie & Bryan on Father's Day

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