Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Deployment #3

Bryan left on Friday, the 13th (a little scary!) for his 3rd deployment and 2nd to Afghanistan. Last time he was the Operations Officer for a joint services team and this time he is a battery commander, which is a lot different. I know that he will do a great job and his 100+ soldiers couldn't be in better hands!
Marlie & I spent most of the morning at his battery, but Bryan was so busy that we didn't get much last minute quality time with him. We enjoyed the little bit we got though and can't wait until he and his guys are back here again!
A quick picture of us right before the guys marched away.

Marlie LOVES sitting on her daddy's shoulders!


The Tooles said...

We'll be thinking of you both. I know Justin was glad to have a chance to talk to Brian before he left. I am glad you had such a wonderful vacation together before he left. Let us know if you are in town visiting your sister. We'd love to see you=)

Tara said...

Well at least it is started and each day is closer to the end. I am thinking of you guys are praying for Bryan and his guys safety.

Erin Duvall said...

Such cute pictures for such a sad time. I hate the goodbye part. Definately keeping you guys in my prayers. Especially Bryan and his unit. now that we're in Georgia maybe we'll see you and marlie in greensboro some. I wanna come to one of your stella parties if you have any in Georgia.