Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Christian Way Farm

We usually only have about 1 day a week that is totally free. Last Thursday was that one day and I was watching my neighbor's daughter (who is Marlie's age & her buddy). I decided that it would be the perfect time to visit one of the pumpkin patches in the area. I wasn't sure which one we would go to, but ultimately decided on Christian Way Farm because of the values they share at their farm. As their name suggests, they try to incorporate Christian lessons into their farm tours. The kids had a blast and I was happy with our experience also.

Listening to the story of how a pumpkin is grown. They also explained how we can have yucky stuff in our heart like the pumpkin has on the inside. However, we can get rid of that stuff so that there is room for Jesus to come and live in our heart. The storyteller had a variety of pumpkin carvings to illustrate her lesson.

Grinding corn to feed to the animals

Ready for the hayride!

Walking through the corn maze. We had a hard time finding our way out, so like a true soldier's family we decided to adapt and overcome! We made our own exit out of the maze!

This was the kids' favorite! A few "tractors" were connected and pulled by a real tractor.

Looking through the window of the hay castle

Right after this picture was taken, I was reminded why I am not the mother of 2 small children!
In this picture Marlie is up on the highest level. At the same time, her friend, K, was on the first level (which is still around 10 feet up). M realized that she would not be able to get down easily and was basically stuck up there. Right when I was about to climb up to get her, K looked at me and grabbed her rear end. I asked K what was wrong and she told me that she needed to go potty (#2!). After considering my options, I knew that M would just stay up there until I could get her down. I decided to help K down first and take care of her. Once I got her down, we had to RUN across the farm to the potties. Luckily my friend was already in there with her daughter. I handed K off and went back to get M. Again, I had to climb up the hay castle to rescue a child! We ended up having to throw away some underwear, but everyone ended up safe!

The end of a fun morning!

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The Tooles said...

Don't you just love fall! Looks like a great time (even if it did involve poopie underwear and a corn maze detour)! Can't wait to take Caroline this weekend.