Thursday, October 07, 2010

Prayers for Aaron

Our neighbor and friend, Aaron, was seriously injured in Afghanistan on Saturday when he was shot by a sniper. Aaron & his wife, Eliza, are a few years younger than us and this was Aaron's first deployment so we have tried to share some of our Army life experience and wisdom with them. We were so upset to learn about his injury and would like to ask for prayers for Aaron & Eliza as he begins his recovery. Eliza has created a Caring Bridge page for Aaron so you can read more about his injury and recovery there. It is a private page so you will have to register with the site to read it.

Here's a picture I took of Aaron & Eliza at our battalion ball back in July. They are both such sweet, likeable people and we wish we could do more for them during this time.


ThatArmyWife said...

So tough. Prayers and thoughts are with them both. If there's anything they need locally, please share.

Ashley said...

Many prayers for both of them.