Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Clarksville Half Marathon

This past Saturday was the 2nd running of the Clarksville Half Marathon. Last year's race was my first half marathon and the best thing I can say about it was that it was a learning experience! I have now run 3 half marathons (and 13.1 miles more than that!) so this year was much more enjoyable. Since my mom was in town, she was able to stay with Marlie and then come to see me finish the race. It was fun to have fans for the first time!

When Marlie woke up on Saturday, she told my mom that she needed to put on her cheerleader outfit since she was going to cheer for me! Here she is waiting patiently near the finish line.

Around Mile 12...

When Marlie saw me she took off running towards me. Mama panicked a little but I assured her that it was ok for Marlie to cross the finish line with me. This was obviously my favorite part of the race!

She's also my stretching buddy!

Me with my training partner/neighbor/friend, Molly!


Ashley said...

I love her outfit and that you guys crossed the finish line together!!

Tara said...

You go girl!