Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Georgia Snow

Georgia had a rare Christmas snow while we were there. It hasn't snowed in Atlanta on Christmas Day since 1882. The best thing about it was that it wasn't near as cold as it usually is up here when we have snow. We were able to stay out and play in it for quite a while longer than we usually can.

Here are some pictures at my parents' house.

This girl is always eating the snow or making a snow angel!

We thought it would be fun to play with some of the random things at my parents house and have a multiple personality snowman!
UGA fan

In a straw hat and lei

Gamma Phi Beta snow girl

Prom King (this was actually Bryan's from when he was chosen Prom King our senior year of high school!)

Although neither of us is looking at the camera, this is my only picture of us sledding. We went to the home of some family friends who have a huge downhill backyard and got pulled by a 4-wheeler. Marlie loved it!


Lemon Stand said...

I love your snowman attire! My FIL is from Atlanta and he mentioned after seeing it on the news, that he had never seen it snow there on Christmas. Then he said that someone must have gotten that global warning stuff wrong. Too funny.

Erin Duvall said...

looks like fun.