Tuesday, February 01, 2011


As I've previously mentioned, Marlie's big (literally!) Christmas gift was the Jump-O-Lene. With all the time we spend inside during the winter, I loved the idea of having something that M could burn off a lot of energy in. If you consider buying one of these, you definitely need a high powered pump of some kind. The Jump-O-Lene takes up a lot of space but so far I still think it's a good deal - especially since I used my Amazon gift cards from SwagBucks to help play for it. It wasn't very expensive and Marlie has had a good time on it. Whenever a friend comes over to play, they get so excited to play on M's bouncy. I just look forward to having a house with a playroom (or something similar) that we can put it in - rather than half our living room!

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