Wednesday, March 16, 2011

40 Day Fitness Challenge

Before Lent began, I told my friend, April, that I would participate in a 40 Day Fitness Challenge with her. At the time I thought this will be easy, I already love to work out. However, once I thought through things later I realized that I could not commit to this type of "challenge". I am in the middle of half marathon training so my training schedule could not really be adapted to working out 6 days per week for 40 days. My foot and body need more rest than that! With all of that said, I still want to support April with her challenge. I have decided I will go back to sharing my exercise regimen for the 40 Days of Lent. I'm sure I do 30 minutes of activity everyday between straightening the house and parenting a 3 year old, but I will only be listing true exercises. Hopefully it can inspire others or give someone else a new idea!
Here is what the past week has looked like for me.

Wednesday, March 9: 4 mile run

Thursday, March 10: rest day

Friday, March 11: speed work at the track ->
5 min walk
800m (2 laps) jog

400m sprint
10-30 second walk
400m sprint
400m walk
(this was repeated 3 more times)

5-10 minute cool down walk

Saturday, March 12: rode my bike to pick Marlie up from Super Saturday

Sunday, March 13: rest

Monday, March 14: 4.5 mile run

Tuesday, March 15: rest

What are you doing for exercise? Remember that any little bit is better than nothing!

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April said...

awww I love this!! You never cease to inspire me with how active you choose to be :)