Monday, March 07, 2011

Some February Pictures

Here are just a few random pictures from February.
Marlie & I have been enjoying doing the crafts in her Highlights magazines. We made a heart mobile at the beginning of February and she had fun looking through the paper after she had cut the hearts out.

Dressing up in her fairy outfit..

Bryan turned 30 last month! He requested red velvet cake so we made him some cakes in jars to send him. Marlie enjoyed sampling the batter as much as making the cakes!


Brittany said...

How cute!! Josh turns 30 in June, so I was going to do the cake in a jar thing for him, too. :)
Great pics! Looks like you and Marlie are having a blast!

The Tooles said...

What a wonderful wife you are...I never thought of putting them in jars.