Monday, April 18, 2011


Bryan changed command on Friday, 8 April and began to travel home the next day. Five long days later, he arrived in Nashville. His footlocker barely beat him here. It is always a beautiful sight to see because it is the first tangible thing that shows a soldier is on his way home.

Bryan arrived in Atlanta on Wednesday morning. We hoped he would make an 11am flight, then 1pm flight, but he finally got on the flight arriving in Nashville around 3:30pm. Bryan was planning on meeting us at baggage claim but I decided to surprise him at the gate. Marlie was very excited and this is a rare moment when she stood still to look for the plane.

We hid while we waited for him to emerge from the plane and start walking toward baggage claim.

Once Bryan got close enough, Marlie ran out to him yelling "Daddy!" He was very surprised and you could tell it took him a minute to process what was happening!

Together again!


The Tooles said...

Wonderful story! I'm surprised they let you back to the gate without a ticket...glad they cut you some slack and let you welcome home your man=)

Erin Duvall said...

I agree! Great story! I was wondering how you got back to the gate also. I can imagine Bryan's surprise! So glad you guys are a family again. I know yall are happy.

kristin said...

was he deployed?