Thursday, May 19, 2011

Animal Kingdom

The third park we visited was Animal Kingdom. I love seeing animals so I was looking forward to AK, but it actually turned out to be a disappointment to me. If you have visited a good zoo lately, AK may not live up to that. We enjoy visiting the Nashville Zoo and even though it's not that big or that great, I still feel like it is just as good as AK. I must share the disclaimer that I was feeling pretty bad by this day so maybe my illness affected my opinion of the day.
There were multiple walk through attractions where you can see a variety of animals in their habitats.

We rode the Wildlife Express Trian to Conservation Station there was a small petting zoo, but the highlight for Marlie was meeting Pocohontas and Jiminy Cricket.

The Kilimanjaro Safari may be the most popular attraction at Animal Kingdom. We rode through the "savanna" and were able to see lions, giraffes, elephants, rhinos, and more!

It's Tough to Be A Bug is a 3D show but it wasn't as cute as Marlie in her bug glasses!

Ready to watch the afternoon parade...

I don't have any pictures because photography wasn't allowed, but the highlight of the day by far for me was Finding Nemo - the Musical. If you go to Animal Kingdom, I consider this a must see! We saw the show at the end of the day and ran out of time to see Festival of the Lion King. After how good Nemo was though, I wished we would have been able to see Lion King too.
We ended the day in DinoLand where we relaxed while Marlie played in the Boneyard. Like Hollywood Studios, this was the best way to end the day by just letting her run around and play.

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