Monday, May 23, 2011

Sick Day

I was lucky enough to come down with strep throat while we were on vacation, so one of our park days turned into a sick day for me. I spent part of the morning at an urgent care clinic while Bryan & Marlie just relaxed at the condo. After I returned with my antibiotics, Chloroseptic & Tylenol, I spent most of the afternoon napping. Thankfully, Bryan & Marlie were able to get out for a little fun. They played miniature golf and then had lunch at Chick-fil-A.

By the end of the day, I was ready to get out for a little bit of fresh air so we visited Downtown Disney. I'm not sure what this is supposed to be, but Marlie insisted on taking her picture with him.

Another great tip I learned in my pre-trip research was about the Once Upon a Toy store at Downtown Disney. The store has a huge variety of Disney Mr Potato Head pieces. You can fill a box with as many pieces as you can fit in it for $20. We already had a Potato Head at home that Marlie enjoys playing with so she enjoyed choosing the Disney character accessories to add to her collection.
Marlie was also able to sweet talk her dad (the sucker) into buying her one of these giant suckers!


The Tooles said...

I am LOVING all your tips and pointers. Caroline is getting a Mr. Potato Head from her Aunt for her birthday next month.
Napping all afternoon sounds fantastic, but not because you were sick. That stinks. Glad you rebounded for more fun!

Tara said...

Sorry to hear you were sick but glad you bounced back! Also, we are planning to take Ramsey next Januaary so I will be looking to you for tips as we plan to use as many military discounts as possible.

Erin Duvall said...

I am enjoying the tips as well. I'd love to take Ava to Disney World! And I agree. Napping all afternoon sounds awesome but definately not b/c you were sick.