Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Daytona Beach

At the end of June we went to Daytona Beach with my parents, sister and a big group of our family friends. Unlike our trip to Disney, this was a true vacation. Marlie had a great time playing in the sand and the ocean and swimming in the pool. There were plenty of people willing to play with her so she loved that too! Marlie & I went with this same group a couple of years ago, but Bryan hasn't been to Daytona as an adult/parent. We both agreed that it is a great beach for a family vacation. It is not crowded and you can easily drive from one area to another and not have to wait at most restaurants.

My dad spotted and caught a Starfish. It was fun for all of us to experience that and especially for Marlie to see one.

The 3 of us went to play putt-putt one night while everyone else was at the dog track. The last time Bryan took Marlie to play she got tired of it before they finished. The night we went however, we all had a lot of fun. Marlie even had a hole in one! After golf, we got some late night ice cream before going back to the hotel and to bed.

On our last day I realized we hadn't taken any token family beach pictures, so we got a few before dinner that night.

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