Friday, September 16, 2011


Marlie's birthday is just a few days before the age cutoff in Georgia so we have struggled for a while on when to let her start school. Should she be the youngest in her class or the oldest? I definitely did not feel comfortable sending her to public school, so we were very blessed to find a wonderful church preschool in town. It also made me feel better that she only attends 5 mornings a week and doesn't have long days there. We will continue to think about what we want to do when this year is over - whether or not to let her move on to kindergarten. For now, all 3 of us are loving her school and she is thriving!

Here's our sweet (at the time) 3 year old on her first day of Pre-K!

Just for fun, here she is the night before school started. She calls this her Rapunzel wig so I guess she is a cross between Rapunzel and DJ Lance!

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