Thursday, October 20, 2011

Marlie's First UGA Game

We've held off on taking Marlie to a football game until we were confident that she was old enough to sit through most of one. This season was finally her time! The 3 of us and my parents all went together so there would be plenty of people to help wrangle her if necessary. Of course we're all football fans, but there's just something special about taking your child to "your" school. My parents and grandfather also went to UGA so it's definitely in her blood. We all had a great day and the game was a success!

The alum, current student and (hopefully) future Bulldog!

G-E-O-R-G-I-A! Spelling it is fun for a child and adults alike!

We even enjoyed getting to see some of Bryan's friends from his undergrad days at NGCSU.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Memorial Park & Bear Hollow Wildlife Trail

Marlie's first class field trip was to Memorial Park and Bear Hollow Wildlife Trail/Zoo here in town. Although it wasn't M's first trip to the park, she had so much fun visiting it with her classmates. They were all given a handout with pictures of the different animals in the zoo and asked to mark each picture off as they visited the animal's habitat. After visiting each habitat, the kids had snacks and then got free time on the playground.

M's class (minus one)

The playground bulldog

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sleeping Beauty

Marlie is very particular about how her bed is arranged when it's time for her to go to sleep. It can be exhausting to get everything just right, but mostly it's just funny. When I saw her like this one night, I had to sneak in and take a picture. Notice all her little sleeping quirks:
She must be on top of the sheet & comforter
The pillow her head is on must be on top of her other pillow and Pillow Pet
Pants legs get pulled up
Stuffed animals are strategically placed beside and sometimes on top of her
She is usually covered up by her white (baby) blanket and then her fleece princess blanket on top of that
Got all that?

PS - Thank you Tara for her pillowcase. She loves it!