Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gold Rush 2011

After missing it for the past 7 years, we were finally able to visit Dahlonega, GA this year for the Gold Rush festivities. The 3 of us, along with my parents, went up on Friday to begin taking advantage of our cute cabin in the mountains. We explored the property and creek at the cabin and then went to dinner at Shenanigans.
Bryan & I got up early on Saturday morning to participate in the Gold Rush 5K. I did as much walking as running but it felt so good to get back in a "race" environment and push myself a little bit. Bryan was an awesome partner and stuck with me through the whole 3.1 miles even though he could have ran it in half the time it took us!

After getting cleaned up, all of us headed back into town for the festival. Marlie was constantly telling us all the things she wanted and wanted to do. We made sure to contribute to quite a few of the student organizations who were there fundraising. Marlie got to throw a pie in the face of one of the members of a fraternity and then got her face painted by one of the sororities.

Of course Bryan had to participate in his fraternities annual shot gun raffle.

After a fun day at the festival we went back to the cabin again to cool off and recuperate. Bryan & I got ready for the NGCSU Alumni Reception. My parents were kind enough to take care of Marlie so we could enjoy some adult time with Bryan's college friends.

With so many North Georgia alumni in the Army, we often meet people at our duty stations who graduated from NGCSU that we didn't already know. Kelly is one of my favorite friends from Fort Campbell and I was so glad to see her at the reception!

The reception location made for such a pretty view of the campus and North Georgia mountains.

At the festival on Saturday Marlie had gotten her heart set on having her hair styled into some crazy festival hair. We promised her that before we left on Sunday she could get that done. She was so proud of her "beautiful" hair!


Tara said...

So fun. Hate we missed it. Hopefully next year.

Erin Duvall said...

okay how did i miss you guys at the alumni reception. I was there the entire day and i went to the reunion. crazy.