Friday, August 17, 2012

PreK Graduation

At the beginning of May, Marlie graduated from PreK. As I've said before, we all loved her preschool at Athens First United Methodist Church. Even though most of the children had been together for a few years, the director and staff made Marlie feel right at home there. We are so thankful that the Lord led us to AFUMC and we will miss their preschool this year. On their last day, the PreK classes had a program/graduation ceremony. We watched the kids perform songs, they received "Fruit of the Spriit" awards and were presented with their diplomas. A small reception followed the graduation and then we all went out to a lunch of Marlie's choice at a local Mexican restaurant.

Marlie's last day of PreK

Both PreK classes singing their little hearts out!

The PreK graduate with her teachers

So proud of our sweet girl! She was the "baby" of her class but you would have never known it.

AFUMC PreK Class of 2012 (well, one of them!)

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