Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Daytona Beach 2012

In June we accompanied my parents on a trip to Daytona Beach. We started going to Daytona after Marlie was born and have really enjoyed it as a family beach vacation spot. It isn't crowded at all so we can get wherever we want to go quickly and easily. My dad had a business conference at The Shores and we were pleased to find out that they offer a nice military discount. We really enjoy going on trips with my parents, not only for their company, but also for the help they give us with the girls. With Emma it was easiest for us to spend most of our time at the pool, but we were able to venture down to the beach for a little while each day. Bryan & Dad were also able to enjoy a day of golf - while Mom & I took care of the girls (of course! ;)
We were able to eat out a few times and each meal was so good. Marlie & I went with my parents to Aunt Catfish's. I love how the offer the combination of ordering from a menu and offering a buffet of salads and "fixins".
Our little family of 4 went to eat at Boondocks. If we had a regular place at Daytona, this would be it. It's VERY casual and laid back so we felt comfortable taking a 4 year old and 4 month old. Marlie's favorite thing about Boondocks is being able to feed the fish from the dock. A couple sitting beside us gave her all their fries to feed to the fish once she had thrown them all her leftovers.
My favorite dinner of the week was at Ronin. My mom stayed with the girls so Bryan & I could go out on a quick dinner date. It was our first time eating sushi in Daytona so we were hoping it would be ok. Our favorite sushi restaurant (in Tennessee believe it or not!) is so amazing that Ronin had a lot to live up to. I'm happy to say that we were not disappointed! We started with Peach Sake which was strong but tasty and our rolls were great. If we go back to Daytona, we will definitely be returning to Ronin!
I usually had my hands full with a baby and/or all her gear so I wasn't able to keep my camera on me as much as I would have liked. I think these pictures capture a little bit of the fun we had though.

Feeling free

Hot but happy

Love this picture of my big girl on the beach

More smiles

Bryan & Dad

Playing in the sand

Pop and his date

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