Thursday, November 29, 2012

Marlie's School Birthday Celebration

Marlie turned 5 just a few days after school started so she was able to have a small birthday celebration with her class.  Her teacher asked us not to bring cake or cupcakes, but a healthy snack instead.  I came up with a few fun choices for Marlie, and she ultimately chose fruit salsa and cinnamon chips.  Even though it's not really an unusual snack, some kids were still unsure about it.  Of course there were others who wanted more and more!
Marlie's teacher made her a special crown to wear during school and sent her home with a little birthday card.  Marlie chose to go to Jason's Deli for dinner that night and we were joined by my mom, brother and sister.  I think her party and actual birth day were both a success.  I still can't believe she has been in this world for 5 years already!

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