Thursday, January 31, 2013

Emma's First Pumpkin

In October, Emma experienced her first Halloween.  Instead of making the trip to the nearby pumpkin patch, we just decided to get a pumpkin from a sale that a local church has.  Emma & Marlie checked out many pumpkins and we finally found one that was right for us.  
Bryan & Marlie took care of the carving while Emma was happy just to crawl around on the front steps with them. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Curious George Visits

Marlie's class at First Pres had Curious George as their class "pet/friend".  He would visit each student at home for a week.  A journal came along with him so Marlie could write about what they did while he visited.  They had lots of fun together, but I think George was most excited to see himself on the tv at our house!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Game Master

We took this picture in front of the Athens library for a school project Marlie had.  I originally wasn't going to post it because it seemed random and irrelevant.  On 2nd thought though, I realized there was something interesting about it.  Notice the doll M is holding.  We were at a restaurant in Athens that had one of those games where you use the joystick to move the claw around hoping to grab a toy in the machine.  M insisted on playing but of course I didn't want her to since I knew it would be for nothing. We finally agreed that she could play one time and what do you know, she was able to grab that doll and win it!  I have never in my life seen someone actually get a prize on one of those games.
A few weeks later we were at St Simons and as we were leaving a restaurant there, she spotted another one of those games.  Since she had won the last time she played she begged to play again.  Like before, I really didn't want to waste the money but we let her play.  Once again, she stepped right up and grabbed a stuffed bear and won it!  It was really funny and I was shocked that she is 2 for 2 on that elusive machine!  Whenever she plays for the 3rd time, it'll be interesting to see if she can keep her streak alive...