Monday, February 11, 2013

GA/FL Weekend in St Simons

When Georgia and Florida played in Jacksonville last season, we went down to spend the weekend on St Simons Island.  The four of us shared a condo with my parents and had an awesome time!  We drove down on Thursday, which was also the day Emma was 9 months old.  After unpacking, we went over to the park in town.  We grilled some hamburgers for dinner and let the girls blow off some energy.  Of course we had to take the obligatory month birthday picture!

I also managed to get a few of Marlie even though she wasn't really interested in cooperating.

 The pier

On Friday we attempted to go to the beach.  The weather was warm, but the wind was out of control.  Marlie was determined to play in the sand but eventually it was blowing everywhere and too much for us.

Chasing after Pop on his bike

A rare moment when the wind wasn't taking poor Em's breath away

On Saturday, Bryan & my dad went to the football game in Jacksonville.  My mom was kind enough to stay with me and the girls.  We went to the playground again and then had lunch at a great little pizzeria.  While the girls took their afternoon naps, Mama and I relaxed (if you want to call it that) and watched the first part of the game.  Once the girls were up, we went out to dinner.  The restaurant had the game on and everyone was crowded around the TVs watching it.  When the clock ran out and UGA had won, everyone went crazy.  Marlie & Emma weren't sure what was going on, but they were happy to join in with the clapping and cheering.  It was so fun!  
Late that night Bryan & I spent some time doing some designated driving for a few of the college kids.  I'll spare us all the details of those shenanigans though!
We had such a great weekend in St Simons.  Hopefully it won't be too long before we get to spend another Georgia-Florida weekend down there.

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